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Talk about video production. It has been the business of many individuals, corporate organization, and most of all, the movie industry. The video production industry have sky rocketed this past few years. As many people love to see videos on the internet, many individuals also create their own videos. But what is important in creating or making a video? Let’s consider the following tips below on video production.

Tips for Beginners…

  • Lighting – one factor that affects the quality of the video is the use of lighting. It is important to observe the light in taking a video. Thus, proper use of lighting will make a difference on the essence of the picture.
  • Angle – on taking a photo with a camera there is what we called “perfect angle” the same with the video also. To put emphasis on the picture of the video as beginners try experimenting on the correct angle you’d like to shoot the video. There are different angle in different cases and occasion. It depends on the video you want to take, as for example — a closer picture or a focus shoot to a person who is speaking is good within a period of time otherwise it would be boring if the audience will only see the persons face the entire time so try spanning out to get a view on the surrounding of the person who speaks.
  • Background – doesn’t matter as it seems but the background is quite important. That’s why movie makers travel on different places to get a perfect background for the movie they’re making. Background affects the audience perception.

  • Important Materials – Camera and tripod are the important materials in taking a video otherwise no video will take place without a camera or video recorder. The use of a tripod is to make the camera steady while taking a few shoots. Without the tripod the video will be shaky. So try not to miss those very important materials, otherwise the videographer will have a hard time taking the video.

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