Almost everything can be done online. From shopping, bills payment, food delivery, remittance and even watching movies. You can bypass the long line whenever there are new movies to be out for public viewing. Line could stretch a few miles or two depending on its popularity, and this is why online watching has been the norm recently. There are handful applications that can be used for online streaming such as Netflix, Hulu and even HBO Go but this could entail you a monthly expense due to their monthly subscription cost.

So, how do you maximize your online watching without even paying a single centavo? Here are some useful tips. If you are looking for something to watch and want to download it as well for your personal copy, never click any random links you are not familiar with. It might contain viruses and malwares that could harm your system resulting to loss of files. Just to be safe, you can use Virtual Private Network (VPN) for more security and to safeguard your identity online.

Also, maximize the use of your browser’s plug-in such as adblocks, youtubead blocker as these two can safeguard you from annoying popups that contains links diverting you to unsafe websites that can be harmful to your system as well. As much as possible, look for legit and recommended sites if you want to watch online for free. Ask your friends, exercise due diligence in finding one as there are lots of links available out there and only a few of it are verified, legit and safe to use.

Be aware of your country’s existing law about online streaming or watching movies for free available in the internet. There are countries monitoring their people’s internet activities and apprehending those who are illegally downloading movies in the internet.