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What To Do In Naples, Fort Myers And Marco Islands When It Rains


Imagine packing up for your trip to Florida. You’re excited to go to the beach in Marco Islands, relax in the sand at Naples and watch the sun set at Fort Myers. You’re geared up and brought all the essentials with you, only to find that when you arrive, it’s raining.

It can be quite a downer since you’ve been so excited about this. But fear not! All is not lost so don’t return home at once. There are still many things to do in the area and below are a number of things you can do even when it rains.

Watch A Movie

We’re not just talking about your regular movie theater. We mean Marco Movies at Marco Islands. They’re known to be Florida’s very unique theater. It’s family owned and they serve delicious snacks and meals than your regular popcorn. So when it rains, head over to them and catch the latest releases while having a delicious meal at Marco Movies.

Go Shopping at Coastland Mall

Coastland Mall at Naples is known for its variety of entertainment attractions. There’s food and shopping that you won’t even feel bad it’s raining outside because you’ll find that you’re enjoying your shopping experience more.

Visit Ostego Bay Marine Science Center

At Fort Myers, Ostego Bay Marine Science Center will surely pique your curiosity at the many marine life and exhibits you will find. It’s an interesting place to be where you can also learn about treasures they found from the sea.

 Check Out Marco Island Historical Museum

Explore the history of the Calusa Indians and learn about them with recreated villages displayed.

You don’t have to ask yourself any further what to do in Marco Island, Naples and Fort Myers. With all these indoor activities and places to be, your vacation won’t seem like a drag any longer.