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Gemstone-Coupled Silver Jewelries And Its Gaining Popularity


Metals and gemstones in jewelries

The most common metals used in jewelries are gold, silver and platinum. These are usually paired with gemstones, to create a unique jewelry piece that evokes elegance and beauty. Traditionally, gold and diamond has been considered the classic combination, both sophisticated and elegant pieces of luxurious materials that many consider timeless. Nowadays, the trend is combining different metals to different gemstones, for a more unique characteristic.

Traditional jewelry pieces are expensive

The cost of each jewelry piece ultimately depends on the metal used and the gemstone embedded in it. The most expensive ones are usually made of platinum and diamond, which still has a various price range depending on the style of the metal and the size of the gemstone.

However, not all can afford buying such expensive pieces of jewelry. Those that want to give out jewelry pieces for normal occasions, such as getting matching relationship bracelets to celebrate an anniversary, will not consider shelling out a significant amount of money for jewelries.

Current trend on jewelry design and fashion

Luckily, a unique style in jewelry making has been getting popular in the past few years. Designers have tried mixing and matching less expensive metals, such as silver, with gemstones other than diamonds. This combination strikes perfect for those who would want to have an elegant and fashionable piece of jewelry without having to break the bank.

Benefits of silver and gemstone combination as a jewelry piece

Silver, to be specific, is a precious metal that is stylish and elegant but is less expensive than gold or platinum. Coupling this with a unique gemstone will result in a piece of jewelry that’s sophisticated enough to be considered fashionable, but affordable enough that one wouldn’t have to spend an enormous amount of money to have one.

Additionally, gemstone coupled silver jewelries are usually sturdy and resilient enough to endure normal wear and tear and last a lifetime. Maintenance and repairs, should it be needed, are also inexpensive and convenient. Having a silver piece of jewelry with a unique gemstone will give an elegant fashion statement without having to spend too much.