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Home Crocheting 101: Types Of Hooks To Use


Crochet is one of the many hobbies that can both be done indoors and outdoors. It’s a creative way to express oneself wherein you can crochet bags, wallets, shirts, beanies, socks and the like. This activity is very relaxing and many have taken interest in this hobby through the years.

But before you dive right into crocheting, you need to know the types of hooks to use. Hooks are essential in order to properly crochet. There are many hooks that come in different sizes and material to provide you with comfort. You can use any of these but below are a few for your knowledge and information before crocheting:


The common hooks seen around in arts and craft stores are plastic hooks. They come in all sizes and even jumbo ones. It’s usually a preferred hook since it’s lightweight and doesn’t strain your fingers while using it. It’s hollow inside too for extra comfort.


Many use aluminum hooks in crocheting due to its smooth surface. It allows the user to crochet quickly. It also comes in an array of large sizes. Aluminum hooks are also noted to be durable.


If you’re looking for small sized hooks then the steel ones are for you. Fine crochet is mostly done with steel hooks. It has a bit of a weight to them but they’re still comfortable and handy enough to use.


Bamboo hooks come in jumbo sizes and small ones. Known for their lightweight material, bamboo hooks are very popular and are aesthetically pleasing

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