A Guide to Calling Xbox Support

If you are having trouble with your account we are more than eager to help but there are some guidelines that should be looked at in whole. I will list below reasons that should not require a call to xbox customer support. There are times when customer support would be inevitable which is why you should prefer pussy888 apk that will be your guide in solving your problem. However, customer support should be your last resort because of the following reasons.


If your account is suspended due to payment options, do give us a call. We can look for past balances and assist in adding new cards to the account. The exception here is if your account to live was suspended for TOS violations. All customer service reps will refer you to the website to post on the forums. We have no information as to why your account was suspended, for how long, or when the email containing the information will be sent. The enforcement team that monitors and enforces the suspensions are only accessible through the forum and have no direct line. Please refrain from calling about this concern.

Game specific issues

While we are able to assist with game related problems such as connecting to xbox live and making sure the disk plays in the console we have no access to in game information. Some of us are willing to look it up on our own to satisfy the customer, but it is not required and many will direct you to the publishers website and forum for in game issues. If your in-game issue involves connecting to live but you have ran a connection test and have found that your system is up and running and multiple games work except the one in the console you will have to contact the publisher. This is sometimes due to server outages as well as game specific down time. We are only able to make sure you can connect and from there on out it is up to the publisher to determine why you cannot play matchmaking.


While we may be able to direct you to where to find promotions we have no timeframes as to how long they will be available. The promotions you see on the spotlight channel are specific to your gamertag and not everyone will have the same offers. They deliver these promotion based on time with the service, type of service, and account type. These will cycle through when one is purchased and may not appear again. Also, if gaining a promotional item when subscribing please allow 4-8 weeks for the promotional item to be sent to the account. This is the wait period for every player expecting a promotional item.

Warranty issues

If your console is out of warranty there is going to be a charge no matter what to get it repaired. No one has the ability to manually change the warranty time period without a valid reason. With this being said, if you have the original proof of purchase for the console in question, and it is off by more than one week we do have the ability to send in for a dispute, but this involves copying the receipt and submitting it for review. While the regular warranty for many issues is one year, the issues involving the 3 red lights and e74 errors are covered for a 3 year term from purchase date. You can look up your warranty information at any time on the xbox website. This is recommended before calling in to prepare yourself for whether or not the repair is going to cost you.


Calling in with issues about accessories not working can be troubleshot, but depending on the age of the piece of equipment will depend on the warranty. If it game with the console at purchase it is covered for one year, if it is purchased separately the warranty is only 90 days. We also do not support accessories that do not bear the Xbox or Microsoft brand name. all third party accessories are used at your own risk.

While this is only a short list on the reasons not to call xbox, there are many more reasons that could be addressed. We are here to please you, and to assist you will your issues and concerns, but there are some things that should not be referred to us. As stated above we do have a limit to our support and some of those limits are bound by common sense. If you feel your issue is valid, do not hesitate to call, we will work with you to the end.

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Written by Stefan Smith

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