Bic Flex 4 Disposable Razors: New Shaving Kid On The Block

The Bic Company manufactures a lot of disposable razors, and with a wide array of configurations. They have the “old school” single blade edition, that will make you be chased after by blood donation teams, looking for a bit more type O-. Yet they’ve been responsible for the Comfort Advance three bladed razors, that perform adequately enough without making you bleed profusely. I was curious about their newest product, which is the Flex 4 disposable razors. These were very expensive compared to their other products, and cost $8 for three of them. Their modern look made me think that they would be much more advanced than their other products, plus four blades should make for a smooth shaving experience and because of performing the bartschneider test  makes the product great.

Unfortunately, there are some problems with these, and they are not worthy of their high cost. For head shaving, these are among the best razors money can buy. I had an over a week growth, and these razors just glided through these hairs, making my chrome dome shine without any bleeding or irritation. There are no complaints about its surface work around curvy parts of my head, and these with hot water and shaving cream can perform miracles. I was appreciative how it got the hair behind the ears, which is tricky, along with clearing out the neck hair that makes me look like a reincarnation of the “Wolfman” from horror movies.

Yet sadly, its the complete opposite with your face. I don’t understand how this is possible, and while these are sensitive and don’t cause bleeding, they just don’t perform adequately. You will not get a close shave, and getting rid of my mustache required a lot of effort. That area, along with what some consider to be the “soul patch” under my lower lip, was not close at all. It required going over numerous times, and the five o’clock shadow returned a lot easier than that “time” would imply. The jawline was poorly done, and I had a bit of scruff remaining, even after spending considerable time to remove these beard hairs.

The length of service was disappointing. You will not be able use these razors multiple times. The steel razors dull quickly, and even with multiple washings, won’t allow you to get a second chance to get rid of pesky growth. Even the grips are made with low grade plastic, and the handles can easily slide out of your fingers. This was evident when I tried to put my thumb close to the top, right after getting out of the shower. Thankfully the razor bounced harmlessly in the sink, but I am concerned about the plastic strip covering it. This is difficult to remove, and you could cut yourself if you aren’t extremely careful.

When you pay $8 for three razors, you had better get a fine return for your investment. Unfortunately, these are a disaster, with the exception of my cleanly shaved bald head. That’s only an occasional activity, and since razors are more often used for facial hair, I cannot recommend these for any reason. While there isn’t a lot of blood or skin irritation, there are better store brand razors, that are 20-30% cheaper, and they will last longer. The Bic Company should be ashamed of this product, because while they have a modern appearance, they aren’t much better than shaving devices from the 1980’s.

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Stefan Smith

Written by Stefan Smith

Stefan Smith is currently the managing editor of Nfl Touch Down. She is the author of ‘Sweet Life’ and the recipient of Pen and Scroll award.

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