Caricature- Makes You Learn to Laugh at Yourself

When it comes to the topic of looks, everyone wants to look not just good, but also attractive and dashing. It has been seen that by looking good leads to others praising you for your looks, which in turn help to increase self confidence and perform your everyday tasks with ease and achieve all your goals in life.

However, that does not mean that those that do not look good or are generally viewed as ugly, are not necessarily so from the ethical standpoint which is the crux of any issue.

You must have heard of that famous saying ‘beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’ and it is that what is taken into consideration as those that look beautiful from the outside can prove otherwise with their talks and views while those who are perceived ugly, are the most beautiful in their pleasant nature and speech.

Outer beauty can earn you your fifteen minutes of fame and certain friends who are more of sycophants that may not be anywhere near you if and when your beauty is gone which is inevitable to happen.

It is your nature and ethics that come straight from the heart which touches the hearts of others and that defines your inner being and no one understands this fact better than an artist-be it singer, painter, cartoonist etc.

A cartoonist is basically a satirist who provides social messages of philosophy in a humorous and witty manner but the underlined moral is so profound that it tends to have an everlasting impact on the audience.

He can go one step further by making his objects of contention into caricatures, which means to present the work in an exaggerated, yet simple, manner that is understood by one and all and valuable lessons are learned.

Its very easy to laugh at others but the real humor is when you learn to laugh at yourself and it is nowhere more evident than through caricature.

What do you think?

Stefan Smith

Written by Stefan Smith

Stefan Smith is currently the managing editor of Nfl Touch Down. She is the author of ‘Sweet Life’ and the recipient of Pen and Scroll award.

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