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    Mount & Blade Review (PC)

    Mount  amp; Blade by Paradox Interactive is a very interesting game to say the least. It’s almost like taking a look into the past, the mid-evil past that is. Players are thrown into Calradia, a world where war seems to be at your doorstep daily, and knights honor their kings. To sum up everything nicely, […] More

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    Understanding and Mastering Word Challenge by Playfish

    Are you addicted to word games? Do you spend countless hours with Bookworm, Scrabble, Boggle and more? If words are your thing, then Playfish has a new game you are going to love. Word Challenge is yet another social game from Playfish, a leader in social network gaming and you can play for free on […] More

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    A Guide to Calling Xbox Support

    If you are having trouble with your account we are more than eager to help but there are some guidelines that should be looked at in whole. I will list below reasons that should not require a call to xbox customer support. There are times when customer support would be inevitable which is why you […] More

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    Eden Eternal Online Wetlands Quest Guide

    This is quest guide is to help new players get through the Wetlands area. The last mission you completed in part one of the Wetlands guide was talking to the Forgotten soul. Talk to him again for two new quests. One is a repeatable quest, and the other quest is to kill the boss monster […] More

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    Is WoW Worth the Money and Time?

    Background I have been playing video games off and on for about 22yrs. Like most people my age it started with Atari, Nintendo, and progressed through to the consoles of today. I had never played an online game before and never found myself drawn to any either. The main reason for this was the keyboard. […] More

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    Reasons Why Players Love To Play World of Warcraft

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    I have been playing “World of Warcraft” since beta and just like a lot of things have changed within the game, the culture and the people who play the game have also changed. I remember reading about “World of Warcraft” years before its actual release, when I was still a kid. When I finally got […] More

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    Be A Better Fighter Through These Hacks

    If you have just begun to indulge in black ops 4, here are some bo4 hacks that you essentially need to know to emerge as the winner. Dive down once you jump out- the beginning of black ops 4 is similar to most other games. You need to jump out of the Chinook or the […] More

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    Benefits Of Cheat Codes When Dealing With PC Games


    Are you getting stuck at any stage of any PC game? Is any stage of any of the PC game stopping you for come from completing the game? Don’t worry there are cheat codes for you that will help you in the best way in clearing the stages you are stuck at and completing the […] More

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    Why are smash bros not considered as a fighting game?

    Smash bro is the final product of Nintendo as they are the publisher of this game. It is one of the best games when we talk about graphics. Moreover, the user interface of the game is exquisite to use; the main objective of the game is always to look different. From the traditional fighting game, […] More

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    Get The Best Arcade Racing Game

    Many arcade racing games are very famous and are played by a lot of people around the globe. These games involve the players’ skills as he has to take over and then take control of the driver’s seat and continue in the game. The games need to be played by the players very carefully as […] More

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    Pro’s And Con’s Of Online Gaming

    When it comes to gaming, this is considered being one of the best stress-busters for everyone. With the help of the internet, gaming has gained its ground around the world in a compelling manner. Online gaming provides us lots of variety in the world of gaming. Therefore in recent times, online gaming has the most […] More

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