Eden Eternal Online Wetlands Quest Guide

This is quest guide is to help new players get through the Wetlands area. The last mission you completed in part one of the Wetlands guide was talking to the Forgotten soul.
Talk to him again for two new quests. One is a repeatable quest, and the other quest is to kill the boss monster Argus to collect his key. Argus is located south of where you fought the Behelder, a bit near the Simulacrum. He is extremely easy to kill if you want to solo him, just make sure not to aggravate all the other monsters near by because they can make the battle complicated. Of course, you will not find any monsters to handle at any of the Pkv games.

As soon as you are done report back to Merida in the Wayward camp to finish the mission. Merida will give a new quest to go to Malice dungeon, but you will need to make a key in order to enter it. She will give you two of the items required to craft the key, the last item will be given to you be Bes, so talk to him to receive the final item. Once you have all three items use the Fusion tool by right clicking the “gear” item in your quest log to open it up, and click the gear located in your bag to craft the key. Now you are ready to enter Malice dungeon.

Entering the Malice dungeon

Make your way to the far west and click on the Simulacrum to start the dungeon. Your new quest will be to defeat Garson and Doubledoor. This is a special five player dungeon, much like the Vileshark dungeon, but a lot shorter. When you enter the dungeon you will have to fight a group of monsters called “Confused walkers”. They have a skill that allows them to stun you. Make sure that your clerics heal fast to keep you alive because there are a lot of confused walkers in the area, and they can do a lot of damage if they gang up on you. You will also have to fight transformed mushroids, they don’t have the stun effect but they are equally as deadly.

The first boss monster you come across will be Garson. He is weak against striking blows, ice, and lightning magic. He also has a healing AOE debuff that he places on the player so that every time you deal damage to him he gains life. I believe that this is a non-removable spell; you just have to wait for it to wear off. Have your long range DPS team members deal damage to him so that you can keep his life moving down while the debuff is on your tanker. If they don’t then the battle can take awhile.

Defeating Doubledoor

Garson is also guarded by about six Behelders. They hit hard because they have a very high chance to do critical damage which can kill the average level 35 player, so lure 2 at a time away from Garson before moving on. The last two types of monsters are the flying monkeys and lost demonic servants, both of which are very easy to kill. You should be able to take them down with ease.

The final boss in the dungeon is Doubledoor, a evil wizard. He is weak against slashing attacks, piercing attacks, and fire magic. Doubledoor also has a instant kill AOE ice spell that does massive amounts of damage. And by massive I mean that after he freezes you the next attack that he does will shatter you, taking around 3000 through 5000 HP with a single attack. Most players around level 35 will only have a maximum of about 5000 HP, so unless you are around level 40, expect to die if it hits you. The spell cannot be removed, so your tanker needs a lot of life and your cleric needs to heal fast. Other then that one spell, Doubledoor is pretty easy to kill, especially if you break him.

The overall Dungeon is actually pretty short, so you should be able to complete it within 15 minutes if everything goes smoothly. That’s assuming you don’t die to Doubledoor’s ice spell.

Journey to the Valley of the Kings

After both boss monsters are killed, and you have completed the entire dungeon, head back to town and report your progress to Bes to complete the mission. He will then ask you to talk to Oeto and Rann one last time. You will also need to travel back out into the fields and talk to the Forgotten soul located near the simulacrum base crystal. After you talk to the Forgotten soul, it will complete the last and final quest for the Wetlands. You can now leave the area and head to the next town. Congratulations, you have now completed the Wetlands quest guide. Your next task will be to head over to the Valley of the Kings and talk to the Soul guardian to start the next set of quests.

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