Is WoW Worth the Money and Time?


I have been playing video games off and on for about 22yrs. Like most people my age it started with Atari, Nintendo, and progressed through to the consoles of today. I had never played an online game before and never found myself drawn to any either. The main reason for this was the keyboard. If you are not familiar with running a character with a keyboard it is frustrating to start to learn. Also most online games require you to have a subscription to play and have access to high speed internet, living where I did this was not an option until recently. Although high speed internet access is now widely available (even in the sticks) together with the subscription fees you are paying more to play then with a console. You can check out sbowin for world of Warcraft tips. You get recommendations from other player on how you can improve your gameplay and skills at the game. It is a really wonderful online gaming experience that you get.

Why World of Warcraft?

I have some friends who were heavy into this game for years so it seemed like a good choice to try and start with. In retrospect it was much easier to have them around to help me get through parts of the game, but it did leave me with very little knowledge of the game for the level achieved.

Initial Impression

Confusion…and then confusion. This game is so big and has so much to do that you have no clue what is happening. The in game prompting helped alot to get you started, but you literally have to start searching the internet to find out if you are wasting your time, and even that takes a long time. The game was fun for its newness then became monotonous until you got to level 15 and could start interacting with others.

One Week Into it

After getting to where you could play with freinds and learning to chat it was easy to see how you could get sucked into this ‘World’, but confusion was still the main feeling in my head about the game. Every time you would accomplish something you just had more to figure out, how does this gear rank, where is the best place to get new gear, etc… In short it was alot of work for the entertainment I was seeking. I was used to starting a console having a controller in my hand playing for couple hours and then done.

One Month Into It

After doing some quest lines and getting a little better with the keyboard the game is opening up a bit. I am still a newb, but can manage in some areas. The keyboard is still my biggest drawback, does not seem as fluid as the controller and until that happens, if it happens newb will be my label.


Having never played and having been decent at console games this was quite the experience for me. In my opinion you would love this game if you liked other role playing games and especially if you already had pc gaming experience. Much of my time was spent looking at the keyboard and learning how to manipulate the environment, which hampered my enjoyment and at sometimes made it feel like work. You will definitely want to consider getting a guide and taking advantage of help online like wowtutorials.


If you are into storylines and never ending gaming then this is definitely the game for you as it has alot to offer in those areas. If you are into playing casually for 1-2 hours here and there then this might not be the best place to put your money each month, if you already have high speed internet then it is only 15 dollars a month, but if you are not playing don’t pay. To speed up your time in game a guide is invaluable, if it saves you time it saves you money. I ended up getting Hayden Hawkes guide and it worked very well, and it was available immediately, they also gave me a ton of bonus materials.

What do you think?

Stefan Smith

Written by Stefan Smith

Stefan Smith is currently the managing editor of Nfl Touch Down. She is the author of ‘Sweet Life’ and the recipient of Pen and Scroll award.

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