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In 1997 a little known company called Origin released a game called, Ultima Online. This game was the first of its kind and it started a gaming revolution, the game was small by today’s standards but by 1999 had 100,000 players (

When these games came out they were addictive but everyone thought the phase would pass. However Blizzard Entertainment has posted numbers to show that not only is it not going to pass but it is getting much bigger. In 2006 Blizzard recorded 1.5 Billion in revenue, 2007 saw the same; But 2008 saw 2.89 Billion almost double in one year. This along with continued investments in the gaming world show that not only are Online games popular but the companies that make successful ones have the potential to make large sums of money if they can get the market. (–ID__42465,period__A–/free-co-fin-income.xhtml)

In 2008 the gaming world saw several games come out and not one game came close to touching Blizzard’s numbers. Now with 2009 facing us and the release dates for games ahead of us, everyone has to ask, “Will 2009 be the year Blizzard falls?” Or is Blizzard going to be like Exxon when they get a competitor large enough to worry about they just bought them out. Situs poker online terpercaya is an online site that is used by people who would like to play poker. This is another comparison to oil companies.

Some people would think it strange to compare a video game company to oil companies. Except if you look at oil companies years ago they did not post the numbers they do now the market is bigger. Very few companies can double their revenue in 1 year, not to mention they did this with the release of a single expansion.

Now if we were to move ahead for 5 years and say that Blizzard would continue it pattern of doubling its income every year they would be making over 92 Billion dollars by 2013. That is a ridiculous sum of money for a gaming company and no one believes Blizzard can do that but, even if it hits 5 Billion by 2013 they would have more than enough money to buy the next big game from the producer.

Activison bought Blizzard out, and now we as a people may have to accept that with the announcement that California is in serious economic trouble. What are we going to think if a company like Blizzard loans California the money to continue its operations, imagine the power a single company would hold. A power the FCC could not regulate because it is not illegal for a company to loan a state money in the form of purchasing Bonds.

So when you look to your new game coming out and wonder why it resembles World of Warcraft, the answer is because if something is not broke do not fix it. They have an accepted model for business that works and yields profits every year. They produce numbers no one thought possible in both subscribers and revenue, at least not possible from the gaming world.

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Stefan Smith

Written by Stefan Smith

Stefan Smith is currently the managing editor of Nfl Touch Down. She is the author of ‘Sweet Life’ and the recipient of Pen and Scroll award.

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