Mount & Blade Review (PC)

Mount  amp; Blade by Paradox Interactive is a very interesting game to say the least. It’s almost like taking a look into the past, the mid-evil past that is. Players are thrown into Calradia, a world where war seems to be at your doorstep daily, and knights honor their kings.

To sum up everything nicely, Mount  amp; Blade is a role playing game complete with an open world map. You start off as a level one character with 45 hit points, and over time leveling up to gain even more hit points and abilities. Players can even pick between a female or male character, which they can customize.

Game Play

Much of the game play in Mount  amp; Blade is all about the choices that you make. Players get to choose a variety of professions, and even what profession their father was and why that character is setting out on a journey. It’s easy to suspect that these choices don’t make a huge impact on the game; players may notice small things during the course of game play.

With Mount  amp; Blade’s open world map, every player that adored old-school style role playing games will be very happy. Maps are spread across the map, and battles can come swiftly around any corner. One of the great parts about Mount  amp; Blade is that players can recruit villagers for their cause and even command them during battle.


Surprisingly enough, Mount  amp; Blade actually has graphics on par with some higher end role playing games. For users with lower end computers, you’re also able to change around visual options to suit your needs. Since Mount  amp; Blade’s battles can depend on a players timing and skill, having the right visuals can be priceless.


One would expect for the sound in Mount  amp; Blade to be pretty impressive as well, and it honestly is. Just like visuals, players can change sound options to suit their very needs. All the sounds of swords clashing and bows being fired can be heard clearly as you battle for your characters life and the land of Calradia.


In terms of creativity, Mount  amp; Blade offers nothing more then the average role-playing game experience with real time tactics and swordplay. Interestingly enough, many role-playing games don’t touch up enough on mid-evil times, and yet Mount  amp; Blade does it pretty well.

Like most games based in the mid-evil era, players can choose from a wide variety of weaponry like bows, axe’s, and the standard double edge swords. Interestingly enough, you can even fire your bow from horse back, or you can try at least.


If you’re looking for innovation, Mount  amp; Blade may not be the right game for you. However you will have a fun time wandering around the world map and slaying villagers if you choose to do so. Overall, this game is well worth the $29.99 price tag and receives a four out of five for being a visually impressive role-playing game with strategic elements players will actually enjoy. Not convinced you may like it? Try the demo available at the developers website or on

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