It’s A Soccer-Football Frenzy

There’s Hurling and Gaelic Football in Ireland, Skiing in Switzerland, Grid Iron in America, Rugby League in Australia and Sheep Dog trials in New Zealand; and oh yeah Football, or Soccer, around the world so to speak. Hey, the world is round (thanks Christopher Columbus) and a football is round, it is meant to be I tell you. Football wins hands down because there are no hands involved just ‘head, shoulders, (chest), knees, (feet) and toes’, (hey you added some more stuff in there, that’s supposed to be a kids song).

But is it Soccer or Football, Football or Soccer. You could go either way really. You can find some really cool merchandise for soccer from This is American Soccer as well. As a word, Foot-ball is pretty obvious, but may be too obvious, and simple. But what about Headball, or Chestball (interesting for those who have a chest) and kneeball, (yeah what about the rest of the pack). Soccer is a dressy word, it’s different. It’s almost like some individual got drunk one day and came out with the title of ‘soccer’ to describe this world game. Perhaps there were idiots walking around in their socks in the middle of winter kicking any item at will.

What about those crazy soccer, sorry, foot-ball fans. I’m from the Southern hemisphere, but I have to admit, the Northern hemisphere has got it going on. These Northies eat, drink and sleep Football. They talk, read, watch and participate in it, at work, at home, on lunch breaks, with the mates or girlies and even in bed (sorry there goes the sex life women). And the atmosphere at the game people, it’s like they are sitting on their own personal toilet seats about to explode who get up from time-to-time and…do the Mexican Wave and sing here we go, here we go, here we go and ole, ole, ole.

Then of course is the all-in- rumble or spectator violence, as if someone switched the channel on the screen and turned on World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) or Bruce Lee’s ‘Big Boss’, and who is the boss, the referee everyone, and oh yeah, the team in front on the scoreboard. The Southies (Southern Hemisphere) would be clicking their heels three times and wishing they were in Kansas. A game in Southies territory is like ‘yawn yawn, you watching the game, isn’t it great?’ ‘Yeah, yawn fantas…. (he’s asleep)’.

If you can’t make the game, there’s the…TV. Everything is there, sorry for all the operations managers at the football stadiums around the world. You see the up close and personals (not too close, woops, a yellow card), replay after replay (that’s the 10th time) with those bell-ringer shots from outside the box, the top 10 countdown, mad commentators, huggachugga soccer-crazy friends and family, sexy cheerleaders and random girls in the crowd (hide your eyes) and the dining banquet experience while you chill on your comfortable designer lounge (don’t drop anything on the upholstery). Now, where is the remote? – ‘honey, I can’t find the remote’ (here it comes).

Of course there are other types of football, like Futsal and SepakTakraw (Sep-what). Futsal, or mini-me soccer, it has to be the beach man on the sand. I know there is indoor, but too claustrophobic with no sun and sand and no girlies in their ‘itsy bitsytiniwinnie yellow pokadot bikinis’. Does it really matter if the women can play Futsal or not. And oh yeah, futsal, is like foot-saw, which applies to the hard floor of indoor and the tiresome sand churning out at the beach. And SepakTakraw, funny name but for soccer-mad fans, this is the sport of the future.

What? You might say, something better than Football, no way. I know, I know, this had better be good. Ok, picture a Transformer made up of Volleyball, Soccer and Table Tennis – ‘by these powers combined I’m…..’ (you know who it is for those out there). Well, I guess you better do some research yourself and check, check check it out man, just like the world game.

But wait, just wait a minute; drum roll please and encore introduction, the best event on Earth is about to be presented….the World Cup; no not the world news at 6pm, but wouldn’t it make the top headlines. I think Shakira has given us a bit of a Waka Waka across the head to wake you up you sleepy heads because it’s World Cup time. But what about the Olympics, isn’t that bigger and better and the best. What is this an auction – I have a World Cup World Cup, oh there’s Olympics over here – I don’t think so; who asked you anyway, it’s going soccer crazy here. Woops I spoke too soon, quick someone has swapped the real World Cup trophy for a counterfeit… I didn’t see anything. Well, if only you were actually at the World Cup people. For the rest of us, let’s make believe and pretend from our armchair at home.

Top 4 characters in Brawl Stars

Are you a new Brawl Stars player looking to know about the characters? Well, if you have to go up in the game, you must devote some time to know about and master the different fascinating characters of the game. It’s to note here you will need to increase your in-game currencies to upgrade your level in the game. These in-game currencies can be bought. But, you can also generate them for free with brawl stars hack. So, which one are the prime characters of the Brawl stars? The post below shares a brief.



If there is one Brawl Stars character which is loved universally by all players of the game, it has to be Tara hands-down. A powerful Myth Brawler, Tara has a cool way of waging attacks through tarot cards. These are no regular cards, but super-sharp weapons which can pierce through skin, leaving the opponents in serious damage. For Super, Tara has her special card up her sleeve which can pull in enemies real fast.


Nita is another strong character but you can only unlock her after you reach 10 Trophies. However, she is worth every bit of effort you put to get these trophies. Nita is famous for summoning “Big Baby Bear” which assures high health. Besides, the adorable bear will also enable you to wage dangerous and fast melee attacks.


One of the most iconic characters of the game, Spike’s forte lies in tackling the powerful grouped-up enemies. A lot of new players mistake him as a “weak character” because of his low health but he is an asset for any Brawl Star player anyday. His Super and Attack are optimal for handling several enemies simultaneously.


One of the coolest of Brawl Stars characters, Leon’s power lies in getting invisible with the help of his “Super” power. He will thrill you with jet movement speed as well as severe damaging capacity.

3 vital things that are proving that Fortnite is so addictive Game

A multiplayer Game like Fortnite is considered as so addictive Game. The mode, skins, and Gameplay are attracting millions of folks.  Majority of the people are playing Fortnite on a regular basis. According to professionals, Fortnite is a goof and wonderful shooting game.  The concept of Fortnite is fairly different from other games.  All you need to create a strong team and talk with players using a mic.  Recently developers have launched a new season of Fortnite with lots of great items and skins as well.

Using Luther schule would be reliable as they are offering v- bucks without charging a single penny from the user.  More than 200 million people are playing Fortnite on a regular basis. Due to its incredible graphics, Fortnite has become a wonderful game of the Era.  Following are 3 important things which are proving that Fortnite is an addictive game.

  • Create own Hero

After creating an account on Fortnite, one needs to create a genuine avatar and customize everything properly. The most interesting thing is that each match always associated with 100 players. Therefore, one can easily create their own squad and need to collect essential weapons like rifles, grenades, and arrows. Make sure that you are collecting powerful weapons that would be helpful in killing other players.

  • Features

Fortnite is a moderately wonderful game that is associated with incredible features.  In order to become a winner in a Fortnite, then the user should kill others.  

  • Characters

If you want to improve the appearance of a character, the user needs to collect currency that is known as V-Bucks

In addition,  by visiting Luther schule, a user can easily earn unlimited V-Bucks without investing a lot of time and effort in the game.

3 Pro Tips To Optimize Xbox Elite Controller To Enjoy Better Gaming

A controller is a gamer’s ultimate weapon. So it only makes sense that the one you use is caters to all your needs to provide the best gaming experience. In such a scenario, the Xbox Elite Controller makes for an essential accessory. One of the finest game pads ever built, the Xbox elite controller possesses changeable sticks, triggers and D-pads that you can set according to your preference. Whether you are someone who is into professional gaming or simply in it for recreation and thrill, the Eilte controller is a must have. While you may find more detailed information regarding everything gaming at Worlds Factory, we have you covered here.

Tips and tricks to get you started on your way to a whole new world of gaming:

  • Download the Xbox Accessories app

To unveil the fullest potential of your elite controller you must download the Xbox Accessories app, which is available for download both on Xbox and PC. With the help of your app, you can remap each button of your controller according to your preference. You may also set presets for every game you play which is bound to give you the best possible experience.

  • Put the paddles to use

The Elite controller comes with four metal paddles exclusively designed to be attached to the back of the shiny pad. These extra paddles can be assigned any task according to your choice. They make for an excellent feature in deadly matches where time is of the essence. With the help of these paddles you can now get instant response making your gameplay experience much smoother.

  • Switch the analogue pads

One of the Elite’s most lucrative feature is that its D-pad and analogue sticks can be swapped. The sheer number of choices provided such as the longer, stubbier variants make for the perfect addition to the compact deal. If you are into shooting games, you may also find use in the hair-trigger locks present in the back of the controller.

Some Important Facts About Bodybuilding That You Must Know!

Bodybuilding has been quite a popular sport for a long time, and as people became more aware of their health and fitness, it emerged as a popular hobby too. Bodybuilding keeps you healthy and fit, keeps you away from ailments and boosts your confidence, and enhances your personality. Bodybuilding involves a lot of aspects, such as exercise, diet, and supplements. You must gain sufficient knowledge about them before starting your journey of bodybuilding. You must learn deeply about supplements like querctin powder benefits, side-effects, etc. There are some facts that every bodybuilder or person interested in bodybuilding must know.

Must-know things about bodybuilding

 Increase the intensity

If you want your muscles to grow, it is necessary to put a bit more load on them with every training session. You must increase some pounds of weight to make the session more intense. The more pressure you will put on your muscles, the more they will grow. But you must increase the intensity slowly as if you suddenly lift heavy weights; you might suffer from a severe injury. You must start with light weights and gradually increase the weight as your strength and endurance increases. Progressive overload is necessary for the constant growth of muscles. High intensity increases the blood flow to the muscles and makes them grow.

Get proper sleep

Most people think that training hard and eating a proper diet is enough for building strong muscles. But it is not true as people ignore one highly important thing in bodybuilding that is sleep. Our muscles grow the most while we sleep, so it is necessary to have a sound sleep of around nine hours. If you face some difficulties in sleeping, then you can try having a warm bath before going to bed or consume some carbohydrates as it makes you feel dizzy and helps you in sleeping.

Are We Getting Too Involved In Social Media, Is It Killing Us? How? Check This Out.

I grew up in the 1970’s and 1980’s. Back then, my parents worried about my friends, where I might go in my car, if I would drink and drive, the usual worries for parents back then. Seemed like a pretty big deal back then. Times have indeed changed. Haven’t they? My generation was the first to enjoy video games. Cable. Cell phones. We created them. Just like our forefathers created the telephone, electricity, the telephone and cars. Off into the future. And into our now. The present.

I embraced the computer age. Reluctantly. I actually was put there by my ex husband. I loved to write. We had a rental business. I requested a simple typewriter, to type rental property contracts out on. He brought home a computer. I was introduced to this new age, back then, that way. I asked him to take the computer back and get me a typewriter. He freaked out. This is the wave of the future. He was right. It was. Was I ready for it then? I don’t think so. Still, I went forward. Being a writer, I can appreciate the value of the internet now. But, at first, it seemed quite worthless to me. I had no use for it. Ignorant and puzzled. I learned. Slowly. On my own. Many pitfalls and challenges.

That leads me to what I want to address in this article. The children. Put an innocent child on the internet and what do you get? A big problem. If they are not educated and monitored, this is a true recipe for disaster. Many adults know this, so why is it so hard to believe that our children could be in danger on the internet? They are. Why? I will tell you why. Say your child starts up a Facebook or Myspace page. Sure they can limit their visitors. But, are you really certain that their personal photos, information and age will not be viewed by strangers? Their location, even if a city, can be easily located by a child predator. How? Well, I will tell you how. Their face is there for the world to see. Do you want to depend on internet safeguards, where your child is concerned? I don’t. Someone dangerous can see your child, their face and they can find them. Don’t be fooled. The internet is not safe. Is it worth even the chance? I don’t think so.

Safe measures are in place all over the internet and those safeguards are being breached daily. The number of missing and abducted children increases. Everyday. Why even take that chance? While it is cool to share photos of your family, can’t you do that from the safety of your own email? With people that you trust? Why take the chance that your kids and their photos will be viewed by child predators? It is not worth it, to me. Just my opinion. You may disagree and I hope that the odds are in your favor. But, what if they aren’t? Why tempt fate? Why?

So many women and children disappear everyday in the USA. The daily newspapers are filled with horrific stories. Even on a gaming site, your child is not one hundred percent safe. Only you, as a parent, can monitor your child’s internet browsing. It is worth the time. Who is looking at your children? Heaven knows. Be aware. If your child is talking to strangers, they are in danger. Though this problem may seem out of your reach, contact a web security professional. Help is available and worth looking into. It may save your child and you. Social media may seem friendly, but it can be deadly, because social media platforms which we are using in sense of having followers on instagram and interacting with an unknown person can be dangerous, please don’t let it be happened to yourself.

Play Online Games As Well As Fighting Games With Unlimited Time Of Entertainment And Enjoyment

If people have fun in gaming they will have a feeling of self-acceptance and also self-satisfaction. Every person has their particular need as well as desires, so when they select a game to try out they need to choose them properly. Nowadays there is an online game for everybody. The online world is filled with free games. These days there are actually more than twelve to fifteen thousands of cost-free games online therefore you could play just about every one of these, when you have plenty of extra time. For this reason you must filter down your own choices and have fun with the game that you would like to experience. There is absolutely no need to enjoy games which you don’t like simply because if there are about 15 thousand video games over the internet, you could have the options of playing the precise game you want to play. Just about any online game provides fun, entertainment, plus excitement for the entire family members, although there’s always any particular one game that will brings the best fun, satisfaction, as well as exhilaration. For more entertaining and fun games you can visit Agen Bola Euro 2020. There are hundreds of games that you can choose from and enjoy them with your friends and family.

There are also many kinds of fighting games that will occur with the world famous fights and still provide unlimited portions of exciting and also excitement. A lot of players really feel lucky that web developers have made these kinds of video games as best enjoyable games available to have fun with. All these games make it feasible to play together with your love ones. If you play games with a friend or even loved one with thrilling challenges you have a feeling of enjoyment. Once you win, that joy turns into success and then shared along with you are your friend or even all your family member. Games just like these are generally wonderful for having best friends and family together. There’s nothing much better than sharing time and also finding pleasure in your own love one.

Now gaming console have become a few of the most interesting video games available on the market to everybody. Fighting games are getting to be the tough one than we have ever thought. If you engage in console games similar to these, you will be drawn into a virtual truth with realistic battles and countless enjoyment. The action Mortal Kombat has been one of the very first and best fighting games which have ever been brought to us. A lot could don’t agree and be fonder with the Street Fighter collection. These types of video games are most of the sophisticated and also technical fighting games you can have our hands on. They will give so much entertainment and may get rid of any kind of boring or dreary day. However these games might be difficult to learn, like the certain moves as well as combos for every character, these kinds of games provide training modes that will give you scope for training to the character that you have selected so that you can master the character prior to start a fight through the computer or maybe fighting to someone’s. Once you control your fighter you might want to go online and challenge to some other avid gamers.

What Is The Cost Of A Virtual Room In 2019?

A virtual room is a cloud-based online storage center to store sensitive documents. Traditional virtual data rooms are suitable for making smaller deals, but the majority of practitioners agree on going for a larger VDR for significant deals. The technology provides a solution to the M&A professionals to share a huge amount of sensitive information and ease the burden to disclose and collect the confidential data during the diligent process.

The VDR is preferred by the professionals in private equity, investment banking and corporate development. Well, many experts want to know about the cost of a virtual data room but, they didn’t get the suitable data. That is why we are here to let you understand how the pricing is set in buying VDR. Let us discuss the aspects below.

  • How is the pricing set for virtual data room?

As technology grows, the cost of VDR also changes in 2019. In the majority of cases, it only depends on the vendor and project. But, some aspects also help to determine the overall cost.

  1. Per-user

Some VDRs set a number for the user licenses, and in the case of an additional user, they take charge from the buyer. On average, the virtual data room charge per administrative is in between 100 to 250 dollars.

  1. Per-page

The majority of users want to stay on the per-page model and hence, they pay the charge between 0.40 and 0.85 dollars for each page.

  1. Monthly fee and storage size

These two factors also help to determine the cost of the VDR. The storage size can cost around 75 dollars per GB.

To sum up, these are the top aspects that will help you to know about the cost of VDR in 2019. The average pricing only depends on the project.

Is WoW Worth the Money and Time?


I have been playing video games off and on for about 22yrs. Like most people my age it started with Atari, Nintendo, and progressed through to the consoles of today. I had never played an online game before and never found myself drawn to any either. The main reason for this was the keyboard. If you are not familiar with running a character with a keyboard it is frustrating to start to learn. Also most online games require you to have a subscription to play and have access to high speed internet, living where I did this was not an option until recently. Although high speed internet access is now widely available (even in the sticks) together with the subscription fees you are paying more to play then with a console. You can check out sbowin for world of Warcraft tips. You get recommendations from other player on how you can improve your gameplay and skills at the game. It is a really wonderful online gaming experience that you get.

Why World of Warcraft?

I have some friends who were heavy into this game for years so it seemed like a good choice to try and start with. In retrospect it was much easier to have them around to help me get through parts of the game, but it did leave me with very little knowledge of the game for the level achieved.

Initial Impression

Confusion…and then confusion. This game is so big and has so much to do that you have no clue what is happening. The in game prompting helped alot to get you started, but you literally have to start searching the internet to find out if you are wasting your time, and even that takes a long time. The game was fun for its newness then became monotonous until you got to level 15 and could start interacting with others.

One Week Into it

After getting to where you could play with freinds and learning to chat it was easy to see how you could get sucked into this ‘World’, but confusion was still the main feeling in my head about the game. Every time you would accomplish something you just had more to figure out, how does this gear rank, where is the best place to get new gear, etc… In short it was alot of work for the entertainment I was seeking. I was used to starting a console having a controller in my hand playing for couple hours and then done.

One Month Into It

After doing some quest lines and getting a little better with the keyboard the game is opening up a bit. I am still a newb, but can manage in some areas. The keyboard is still my biggest drawback, does not seem as fluid as the controller and until that happens, if it happens newb will be my label.


Having never played and having been decent at console games this was quite the experience for me. In my opinion you would love this game if you liked other role playing games and especially if you already had pc gaming experience. Much of my time was spent looking at the keyboard and learning how to manipulate the environment, which hampered my enjoyment and at sometimes made it feel like work. You will definitely want to consider getting a guide and taking advantage of help online like wowtutorials.


If you are into storylines and never ending gaming then this is definitely the game for you as it has alot to offer in those areas. If you are into playing casually for 1-2 hours here and there then this might not be the best place to put your money each month, if you already have high speed internet then it is only 15 dollars a month, but if you are not playing don’t pay. To speed up your time in game a guide is invaluable, if it saves you time it saves you money. I ended up getting Hayden Hawkes guide and it worked very well, and it was available immediately, they also gave me a ton of bonus materials.

Caricature- Makes You Learn to Laugh at Yourself

When it comes to the topic of looks, everyone wants to look not just good, but also attractive and dashing. It has been seen that by looking good leads to others praising you for your looks, which in turn help to increase self confidence and perform your everyday tasks with ease and achieve all your goals in life.

However, that does not mean that those that do not look good or are generally viewed as ugly, are not necessarily so from the ethical standpoint which is the crux of any issue.

You must have heard of that famous saying ‘beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’ and it is that what is taken into consideration as those that look beautiful from the outside can prove otherwise with their talks and views while those who are perceived ugly, are the most beautiful in their pleasant nature and speech.

Outer beauty can earn you your fifteen minutes of fame and certain friends who are more of sycophants that may not be anywhere near you if and when your beauty is gone which is inevitable to happen.

It is your nature and ethics that come straight from the heart which touches the hearts of others and that defines your inner being and no one understands this fact better than an artist-be it singer, painter, cartoonist etc.

A cartoonist is basically a satirist who provides social messages of philosophy in a humorous and witty manner but the underlined moral is so profound that it tends to have an everlasting impact on the audience.

He can go one step further by making his objects of contention into caricatures, which means to present the work in an exaggerated, yet simple, manner that is understood by one and all and valuable lessons are learned.

Its very easy to laugh at others but the real humor is when you learn to laugh at yourself and it is nowhere more evident than through caricature.

Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game Companies

In 1997 a little known company called Origin released a game called, Ultima Online. This game was the first of its kind and it started a gaming revolution, the game was small by today’s standards but by 1999 had 100,000 players (

When these games came out they were addictive but everyone thought the phase would pass. However Blizzard Entertainment has posted numbers to show that not only is it not going to pass but it is getting much bigger. In 2006 Blizzard recorded 1.5 Billion in revenue, 2007 saw the same; But 2008 saw 2.89 Billion almost double in one year. This along with continued investments in the gaming world show that not only are Online games popular but the companies that make successful ones have the potential to make large sums of money if they can get the market. (–ID__42465,period__A–/free-co-fin-income.xhtml)

In 2008 the gaming world saw several games come out and not one game came close to touching Blizzard’s numbers. Now with 2009 facing us and the release dates for games ahead of us, everyone has to ask, “Will 2009 be the year Blizzard falls?” Or is Blizzard going to be like Exxon when they get a competitor large enough to worry about they just bought them out. Situs poker online terpercaya is an online site that is used by people who would like to play poker. This is another comparison to oil companies.

Some people would think it strange to compare a video game company to oil companies. Except if you look at oil companies years ago they did not post the numbers they do now the market is bigger. Very few companies can double their revenue in 1 year, not to mention they did this with the release of a single expansion.

Now if we were to move ahead for 5 years and say that Blizzard would continue it pattern of doubling its income every year they would be making over 92 Billion dollars by 2013. That is a ridiculous sum of money for a gaming company and no one believes Blizzard can do that but, even if it hits 5 Billion by 2013 they would have more than enough money to buy the next big game from the producer.

Activison bought Blizzard out, and now we as a people may have to accept that with the announcement that California is in serious economic trouble. What are we going to think if a company like Blizzard loans California the money to continue its operations, imagine the power a single company would hold. A power the FCC could not regulate because it is not illegal for a company to loan a state money in the form of purchasing Bonds.

So when you look to your new game coming out and wonder why it resembles World of Warcraft, the answer is because if something is not broke do not fix it. They have an accepted model for business that works and yields profits every year. They produce numbers no one thought possible in both subscribers and revenue, at least not possible from the gaming world.

Top 10 Worst Recent Ads On Youtube

There are a lot of bad advertisements that have been on TV in recent years, but they always seemed to die a natural death. Before YouTube, one could take comfort in the fact that these failed ads were simply lost to the ages. Not anymore. They’ve been resurrected and posted online to frustrate, aggravate and irate you anew. But perhaps the trip down (recent) memory lane will make it all worth it again. If you want to buy active youtube subscribers you should visit this link. You also get to learn more about youtube marketing skills. This is really easy and effective way for improving ad quality.

Here are the worst advertisements on YouTube

Sierra Mist Super Bowl Ad

While this ad made its debut at the Super Bowl in 2004, it saturated American television screens for what seemed like years afterwards. It shows a man and his dog who become so hot that they jump into a pitcher of water below, making their heads “comically” large. Nothing says soda like sweaty man and wet dog. Drink up.

Geico Cavemen

These commercials technically continue to offend, but this is the original one I remember. Call it a spoof of a modern PC culture, but I call it stupid. Even more stupid? The fact that some TV exec dubbed the concept worthy of a pilot.

Taco Bell Dog – Romantic Dinner

Taking advantage of America’s fascination with things that are so ugly they are cute, the Taco Bell Chihuahua took the airwaves by storm in the late 1990s. Proof the concept is tired? When the dog tries to eat at a real restaurant. Fortunately, the ads were quashed shortly thereafter by an urban legend that alleged Taco Bell put dog in its meat. Unfounded? Yes. But for once, urban legends were good for something.

Carrot Top for 1-800-Call-ATT

Before he was an annoying Vegas “comedian” he was an equally annoying TV shill. Trust me – you’re likely to be able to repeat this commercial word for word. This should depress you.

Jessica Simpson – Buffalos Don’t Have Wings

Jessica Simpson sought to monopolize on her “stupidity” by making this ad. All that happened was that I felt more stupid for watching it. And you thought the acting was bad in her movies.


Too soon? Whatever. These commercials sucked and everyone involved knew it. From the questionable camerawork to the slogan itself, this screamed low budget and low effort. How it managed to make it onto network TV is beyond me. How it managed to stay there for so long baffles me more.

Audrey Hepburn for the Gap

While this advertisement was short-lived, it still makes the list due to the sheer preponderance of times it was on the air. Why does this make you want to buy pants? Black may be back, Gap, but we all just wanted to put it back where it belongs.

Justin Timberlake – I’m Lovin’ It

This song was spliced in with the early incarnations of this terrible attempt by McDonald’s to be “hip” and “relevant” to today’s youth. There’s a reason why Justin needed to bring sexy back. He lost it with this abomination.

Coors – Giant Man

Drinking beer makes you a man! Drinking Coors Light makes you a HUGE man who can play football in a mountain range! Yawn.

Chevy Silverado with John Mellencamp

This is perhaps the worst ad ever – not just recently. Ever. Try as you might, Chevy, your trucks will never be as ingrained into American culture as the Rosa Parks and the Muhammad Alis you exploit to make this terrible, terrible advertisement. Patriotism is fine. Patriotism does not center around a truck, nor does it center around a washed-up singer with the lyrical subtlety of a 10 year old. What made it worse was that the ad played in some form during almost every single commercial break during each and every football game. I know American football fans may be seen as stupid, but please don’t let them be this stupid. Watch at your own risk.